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Take a Backstage Look: My Average Day as a Working Mom of Four

Posted by Bethany Robin, Staff Writer for Urban Infant on

I’ll be honest with you all. I meant to start writing this blog three days ago. I had it on my work calendar that I use to keep track of client projects. The day arrived....

4 Tips for Dressing Your 3-Year-Old (Assuming You Can Catch Them)

Posted by Urban Infant Team on

Does your little one absolutely refuse to get dressed for the day? It might be frustrating, but resistance to getting ready for the day is a common behavior for many small children. Here are a...

Silver Dollars in Seconds: 4 Easy Prep-Ahead Breakfasts for School Days

Posted by Urban Infant Team on

Back-to-school is almost here! You know what that means…setting alarms and hectic mornings for everyone. Don’t let those first few weeks of transition from summer schedules to school days leave you feeling like you’ve been...

Urban Infant Spotlight: Our Favorite Instagram Dad

Posted by Kelly Friedl on

If there’s one thing the Urban Infant staff understands well, it’s parenting. And while we think we do a pretty good job creating solutions to everyday parenting dilemmas, we also want to share some of...

Growing Up Fast: Helping Little Kids Pack Their Own Lunch or Snack Bag

Posted by Urban Infant Team on

If you are a parent of a child between the ages of 18 months and 3 years, you’ve probably noticed that your child has some strong opinions when it comes to receiving help. There’s the...