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4 Quick No-Bake Holiday Cookies to Make With Kids!

Posted by Urban Infant Team on
4 Quick No-Bake Holiday Cookies to Make With Kids!

Making Memories Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful 

Baking and decorating sugar cookies might be a classic holiday tradition, but it’s also time-consuming and messy. For many working moms and busy families, setting aside an entire afternoon to mix, roll, shape, bake, and decorate just isn’t feasible. Enter: the no-bake cookie. Capturing the holiday spirit and spending time making delicious treats together has never been easier (or quicker). These recipes require only a few ingredients and take minutes instead of hours to make. 

So whip out your aprons, leave the oven off, and get going on these simple, tasty holiday treats. 

Ritz S’Mores Cookies 

These homemade sandwich cookies have just 3 ingredients (plus optional toppings) and are perfect for little helpers in the kitchen. Since they are made by sandwiching marshmallow fluff between crackers and dipping them into melted chocolate, they easily come together with no baking. Use the microwave to melt your chocolate and avoid the stovetop as well! Toppings like mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, or holiday-colored sprinkles can be added before the chocolate dries for an extra-festive treat. 

Christmas Wreath Cookies 

While this recipe has a few more ingredients, it can still be made with only a microwave and a mixing bowl. Corn flakes and a melted marshmallow mixture form the base of these festive cookies. You’ll need to add green food coloring, so be prepared for some messy moments if your smallest helpers are shaping the sticky mixture with you! Use red candies like red hots or mini M&Ms to decorate your “wreaths” before they cool. These are always a hit at holiday parties, so don’t be afraid to make extra. 

No-Bake Power Bites 

While some kids seem to have the superpower of living off of holiday cookies and candy canes for days, some little ones might need something a bit more substantial to avoid those sugar crashes. These Power Bites are a great alternative to sugary cookies, and they don’t require any heating at all. Use your choice of nut butter for protein and honey to sweeten them up. Mix up the ingredients and have your little helper roll them into bite-sized balls with you. Take them along to parties or on long car trips for a delicious (and filling) treat. 

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cornflake Cookies

Three ingredients and just a few minutes on the stovetop make this recipe a classic no-bake option. Peanut butter, chocolate chips, and cornflakes are the only ingredients you’ll need to mix up a batch of these tasty cookies. As with most no-bake cookies, you’ll want to make sure you have wax paper on hand to make sure the cookies don’t stick to anything while cooling. 

At Urban Infant, one of our goals is to make busy parent’s lives just a little bit easier. If you need to ditch the mess and stress of time-intensive holiday baking and spend an hour after school making some easy no-bake cookies together, go for it! The memories you’ll be making are sure to be sweeter than any fancy sugar cookie.

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