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Our Story

Run by a fun-loving brother-and-sister team, the Urban Infant®  has grown to become a household name with both parents and US childcare centers. The fast-growing company is owned and operated by Kelly Friedl and Eric Eichhorn with offices in Chicago, Cleveland, and Chino, California. Best known for Preschool Products Reinvented, their product line focuses on the essential needs of parents that rely on preschool or daycare as part of their family routine and lifestyle. All products are designed in-house and are strategically offered at affordable consumer pricing.

This family-run design team has created award-winning products such as the original Tot Cot® nap mats, toddler-sized backpacks and lunch boxes, a Pipsqueak® pillow collection - along with a collection of innovative bite-size art and crafting toddler accessories. Awards include The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, Mom's Choice Award, National Parenting Product Award, andInc Magazine 5000 fastest-growing, privately-held companies.

Voted "Top 10 Children’s Companies to Watch" by Parents Magazine.

The company prides itself on supporting families choosing to raise their kids in cities and urban centers, where multi cultures meet all economic walks of life. It is here that they thrive best and focus on designing products that fit this lifestyle. The corporate design office in Chicago - resembling more of a maker-space - is sandwiched between a flagship Whole Foods, REI, and a family-friendly local craft brewery. Not a day goes by that we are not talking to parents and customers. The Cleveland office is humming - literally humming with embroidery machines - where products are being embroidered and shipped every day.

"The corporate design office in Chicago resembles more of a maker-space..."

The owners empathize with the humor and patience required to navigate child raising these hectic days. They focus on that parent's daily life - and strive to create products that could potentially to make it easier. The core product of the company was an innovative nap mat, an all-in-one solution for daycare bedding. After all "who has time every morning to find a pillow and blanket while trying to get a toddler coerced into leaving the house for school?" From there, the Urban Infant® collection has grown to over 120 products, each serving to make a parent's life easier.