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Yes, It's You. 5 Ways to Embrace Being the Minivan Mom

Posted by Kelly Friedl on

Some parents are excited to become part of the minivan world as soon as they have their first child. Others are dragged kicking and screaming into it when their favorite sedan just won’t hold another...

5 Easy Plants to Grow with Kids This Summer

Posted by Bethany Robin, Staff Writer for Urban Infant on

Gardening is not only a great way to get your little ones outside this summer, it has also been shown to have many benefits for kids and their parents. Plus, it might be easier than...

Is Sibling Rivalry Inevitable? 6 Ways to Calm the Chaos

Posted by Urban Infant Team on

Ah, siblings. They seem to be either best friends or worst enemies, depending on the day. While social media is filled with beautifully posed photos of angelic toddlers gently holding their tiny new siblings, parents...

3 Great Toddler Bento Box Options (our staff review)

Posted by Urban Infant Team on

Once upon a time, school lunches were lovingly packed in paper sacks. Lunchrooms were full of plain brown lunch bags being uncrinkled to dig out sandwiches, apples, and cookies if the kids were lucky.  Then...

No Candy? No Problem. Make These Cute, Sugar-Free Easter Baskets Instead.

Posted by Urban Infant Team on

From chocolate eggs to marshmallow chicks, Easter is a holiday that never fails to deliver in the sugar department. If you love making holidays magical for your kids, but aren’t so keen on handing them...