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3 Great Toddler Bento Box Options (our staff review)

Posted by Urban Infant Team on

Once upon a time, school lunches were lovingly packed in paper sacks. Lunchrooms were full of plain brown lunch bags being uncrinkled to dig out sandwiches, apples, and cookies if the kids were lucky.  Then...

No Candy? No Problem. Make These Cute, Sugar-Free Easter Baskets Instead.

Posted by Urban Infant Team on

From chocolate eggs to marshmallow chicks, Easter is a holiday that never fails to deliver in the sugar department. If you love making holidays magical for your kids, but aren’t so keen on handing them...

3 Ways to Handle Toddler Bedtimes This Daylight Saving Time

Posted by Urban Infant Team on

With daylight savings time just around the corner, many parents in the United States are wondering how their little ones will adjust to losing an hour of sleep. Even veteran parents seem to /dread the...

Working Parents: Who Stays Home When the Kids are Sick?

Posted by Urban Infant Team on

Let’s Discuss. In America, dual-income households have become the norm. In more than 70% of two-parent homes, both parents work. Many dual-income families rely on school and carefully-chosen childcare to maintain their careers while making...

50 Things You Can Do With a Tiny Pillow

Posted by Kelly Friedl on

The best, longest-loved toys always seem to be the kinds of toys that can be used in a variety of ways. When a child uses their imagination, something as simple as a wooden block can...