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Video by: @dylnne on Instagram
 We love to collaborate! And particularly with micro-influencer parents. No need to be an LA-based mother with 195K+ followers. We like real people raising the next generation of kids. 

The Urban Infant uses a very influencer-friendly, London-based platform called Social Cat. It is a simple and seamless way to pair our brand with your family. You will receive gifts in exchange for your posting content and promotions. You simply browse through the available campaigns that the Urban Infant has posted.
And the best part is, it's free! 
Here is a link to get started in you do not have an account!

The requirements for a Social Cat account are:
1. A public Instagram or TikTok account
2. A minimum of 3,000 followers
3. A good looking polished profile with bio, feed, reels, and highlights
4. Willingness to speak in front of the camera on social media
5. Active engagement rates are helpful, but not always necessary

We hope this helps and look forward to working you!