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My Tossing Toddler. Why Won’t She Stop Throwing Things?

Posted by Kelly Friedl on

All toddlers catapult items from time to time. Some little ones seem to outgrow this “throwing phase” very quickly, without much effort needed to put a stop to it. However, other children seem determined to...

3 Easy Decluttering Strategies for Parents in 2024

Posted by Urban Infant Team on

Welcome to January. There are pine needles in your couch cushions, a half-finished puzzle on the dining room table, and new toys under your feet while you cook dinner. You’re probably also still finding shreds...

Planning individual “me time” for a multiple-kids household in 2024

Posted by Urban Infant Team on

Regular one-on-one time spent with a parent has been shown to promote secure attachments, improve cognitive and physical development, and encourage emotional regulation.  The challenge comes with parents of multiple kids (or parents who share...

4 Quick No-Bake Holiday Cookies to Make With Kids!

Posted by Urban Infant Team on

Making Memories Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful  Baking and decorating sugar cookies might be a classic holiday tradition, but it’s also time-consuming and messy. For many working moms and busy families, setting aside an entire...

Urban Infant Spotlight: 10 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas Our Staff Loves

Posted by Urban Infant Team on

Here at Urban Infant we know firsthand how much work Christmas shopping can be. From making the lists to tracking down the best deals, the lead-up to Christmas can be a hectic time. This year,...