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Urban Infant Spotlight: 10 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas Our Staff Loves

Posted by Urban Infant Team on
Urban Infant Spotlight: 10 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas Our Staff Loves

Here at Urban Infant we know firsthand how much work Christmas shopping can be. From making the lists to tracking down the best deals, the lead-up to Christmas can be a hectic time.

This year, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 Christmas gift ideas to help you - oops, we mean, help Santa - finish the shopping early and avoid last-minute panic buys. Make sure to save this article or print the list. You’ll want to remember these tried and tested options loved by the Urban Infant staff (and more importantly, by our kids!) 


Urban Infant Holiday Gift Ideas

1. Give an Experience 
Looking for a gift that will keep on giving all year round? Consider a membership to your local Zoo, Children’s Museum, or Adventure Park. To keep things exciting on Christmas morning, consider wrapping up a stuffed animal (for a zoo) or other themed gift and having your little one guess what it means. You could also wrap the membership card in a giant box, hide it somewhere in the tree, or wrap it in several layers. 
Cost: Varies 


Urban Infant Holiday Gift Ideas

2. Moonlite Projector
Are you ready for this one? The Moonlite Projector attaches to your smartphone flashlight to create interactive storytelling with projections! Turn your little one’s room into a little magical story theater at bedtime. Pick the story set that your child will most enjoy and snuggle in for the fun. 
Cost: $39

Urban Infant Holiday Gift Idea Kids Aprons
3. Personalized Aprons  
It wouldn’t be an Urban Infant list of favorites without one of our own favorite products! We don’t think any electronics can beat the memories made in the kitchen cooking or baking with a parent. And did we mention our Little Helper Aprons can be personalized? You can have your littlest baking assistant’s name embroidered right on it. Some parents even embroider their child’s nickname to make it extra adorable.
Cost: $14-$29 


holiday gift ideas urban infant

4. Highlights Magazine Subscription

Remember this? Yep, Highlights Magazine is still going strong! And after 75 years of sending monthly magazines to kids all over the world, they know how to keep kids running to the mailbox every month for their new edition. You’ll need to allow some time for your first issue to arrive, so don’t wait to start your child’s subscription. 
Cost: $39/year (We think this might be the best $39 you’ll spend this Christmas season.) 

Urban Infant Holiday Gift Idea

5. Music Class Membership
Have an aspiring musician in the house? Find a local music class and sign them up. For Christmas morning, you could wrap it up with a musical instrument they can start playing with right away. Just make sure to pick an instrument you’re okay with hearing practiced all day long! 
Cost: Varies 


holiday gift ideas urban infant

6. Enormous Jar of Cash
This one isn’t as expensive as it sounds, we promise. Grab one of those industrial jars from Costco or even an empty popcorn tin. Go to your local bank branch and ask for $30 in cash – make sure to get it all in singles. Scrunch and wrinkle them up into big balls and toss in the jar. The jar is full, your kids feel like they’ve hit the jackpot, and you didn’t spend more than you would have anyway. (This is also one of the greatest last-minute parenting saves if you’re running behind with your Christmas shopping. We won’t tell if you won’t.) 
Cost: Up to you

Urban Infant Holiday Gift Ideas

7. Cratejoy Book Subscription
This monthly book subscription will build your child’s library all year long. Simply choose your child’s age range and watch your child receive new books every month! We love this affordable option for preschoolers, but there are tons of themes to choose from for children of all ages. Remember to order the first box in November so you have it in time to wrap it and get it under the tree. 
Cost: Starts at $15/month 


Urban Infant Kids Gift Ideas

8. Electric Kids Toothbrushes for Everyone
Yes, that means we think you should get in on this one too, Mom and Dad! Have a hilarious holiday season all buzzing your teeth clean with your toddlers at night. These make great stocking stuffers as well. Plus your kids will never forget that Santa brought something to the whole family that’s “just for kids.” 
Cost: $5-$10 per toothbrush

Urban Infant Holiday Gift Ideas

9. LeapPods Max Headphones  
These headphones are made just for kids and come with a ton of fun content pre-programmed in. From dance party playlists to calming mindfulness exercises, your little ones will have hours of listening to explore with their new headphones. They also come with an adventure book to use with the guided stories, and the volume caps out at a safe level for little ears. You can find them online or locally at most major toy retailers. 
Cost: $30-$40 depending on purchase location



Urban Infant Holiday Gift Ideas

10. An Art Gallery
Okay, so you might not be able to buy your child an actual art gallery. But for your budding artist, these display picture frames will feel like that’s just what you’ve given them. They hold up to 50 sheets of paper, so your child can have their newest favorite on display at all times (and your fridge door can catch a break.) Pair them with some new art supplies on Christmas morning for some extra fun. 
Cost: $16 Each 

From all of us here at Urban Infant, we want to wish you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Even more important than finding the perfect gift, we hope you enjoy your time with your loved ones near and far. 

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