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50 Things You Can Do With a Tiny Pillow

Posted by Kelly Friedl on
50 Things You Can Do With a Tiny Pillow

The best, longest-loved toys always seem to be the kinds of toys that can be used in a variety of ways. When a child uses their imagination, something as simple as a wooden block can become anything from a cheeseburger being served at a restaurant to buried treasure waiting to be found! 

When we designed our Pipsqueak® Tiny Washable Pillow, we knew it would be a great back-up pillow for toddler nap times. What we didn’t know was just how many uses our customers would find for this tiny rectangle of comfort. 

In the spirit of the simplest toys being the best ones, here are 50 things you and your family can do with a tiny pillow. (Imagination sold separately.) 

  1. Pack it for your little one to use on your next family vacation. 
  2. Bring it along to the airport (since most planes no longer give you pillows). 
  3. Keep it in the car for car naps. 
  4. Play toddler-safe dodgeball. 
  5. Keep it as a back-up for your Tot Cot Nap Mat.
  6. Add one to your pet’s bed as a “pooch pillow.” 
  7. Use them to prop up your arms while nursing a baby. 
  8. Have the world's smallest pillow fight. 
  9. Start a marching band with noise-free “cymbals.” 
  10. Work on your balance by walking with one on your head. 
  11. Play basketball with the toy bin. 
  12. Set up an obstacle course using pillows as cones. 
  13. Hide them around the house for an indoor “egg hunt.” 
  14. Learn to juggle. 
  15. Play musical chairs, with pillows as the seats. 
  16. Set them in a circle for story or song time with friends. 
  17. Use one in a pinch as a toddler booster seat in a restaurant.
  18. Give it a name (like a pet!)
  19. Try to get your child to use it instead of your pillow when they climb into bed with you. (We can’t guarantee this will work.) 
  20. Play a game of disc golf with laundry baskets.
  21. Make a “fairy circle” in the living room. 
  22. Use in the car for back support while driving.
  23. Take them with you camping. 
  24. Go star-gazing on your deck at home.
  25. Elevate your feet when you have injuries, want to support circulation, or have simply had a long day.
  26. Tuck between your thighs or knees when sleeping during pregnancy.
  27. Claim it’s your personal, portable royal throne. 
  28. Use them as seating for a super small tea party. 
  29. Make a tiny perch for your cat in the window.
  30. Give one to grandma for her achy neck.
  31. Give (another one) to grandma for her achy back.
  32. Put it over your eyes while playing hide and seek so you don't peek.
  33. Use it to prop up a book you’re reading. 
  34. Use it to prop up a bag of popcorn or chips while watching a movie.
  35. Bring it along to get comfy in a movie theater. 
  36. Keep it at your desk in the office for lunch time naps. 
  37. Bring it camping for some extra cushion while out in the wilderness. 
  38. Let your toddler safely practice their punches on one during stir-crazy days. 
  39. Lay down on it while playing doctor. (Your child might need to run tests for a while to discover why your eyes are closed.)
  40. See how far you can throw them in a pillow throwing competition.
  41. Spray it with essential oil or perfume and put it in your suitcase so your clothes smell nice upon arrival. 
  42. Tie a rope to it and pull stuffies around the house on their new tiny sled. 
  43. Hug it. #Comforting
  44. Yell into it. #Bigfeelings
  45. Place on your bed and take a tiny nap. 
  46. Tie to your feet and skate across the floor (they are washable!) 
  47. Put them over your ears to avoid listening to your least favorite kids show theme song for the 78 millionth time. 
  48. Put dolls and stuffies to bed with it.
  49. Bring them to your child's sports games to help make the bleachers more comfortable. 
  50. Keep one in your dog or cat crate for extra comfort for your pets. 

Whew! If you can think of anything else to do with these perfectly teensy pillows, we would love to hear what you come up with. And next time your kids tell you they’re bored, well … maybe just hand them a pillow.


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