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Making Valentine Memories with Your Little Loves

Posted by Kelly Friedl on
Making Valentine Memories with Your Little Loves

Valentine’s Day can sometimes come with high expectations for parents. Making sure all your child’s classmates and friends get their valentines, sending cards to family and friends, spending time with your partner or spouse... all while trying to create special moments along the way!

One simple way to combat the stress during this busy holiday? Create memories while checking off some of the never-ending to-do list! With a little planning and a whole lot of construction paper, you can create a lasting Valentine’s Day tradition.

Here are just a few ideas to make things simple for even the youngest of little helpers.

Cut Out Shapes Ahead of Time
If your kids are too young for scissors, get all the hearts and cards ready beforehand. You can even find pre-cut, heart-shaped paper if you really want to save some time!

Get Stamps and Stickers
Don’t get a hand cramp writing, “Happy Valentine’s Day” over and over again. Grab a rubber stamp or two for older kids to use, and a pile of stickers for the smaller helpers!

Embrace Imperfections
Let creativity run wild, and try not to spend too much time on each individual card. Imperfections that show how little hands helped will be priceless to those who love them.

Always Plan for Snack Time
Let’s be honest, even the most magical of craft days with kids take a lot of energy. Make sure you all have a snack to enjoy, and take a break when things inevitably start to get out of hand!

What better way to celebrate love and friendship than to share some time all working together? And remember... no one is going to judge you if you “accidentally” forget to bring out the glitter.

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