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Keep It Low-Key with a Winter Sleep-Under

Posted by Urban Infant Team on
Keep It Low-Key with a Winter Sleep-Under

How to Plan a Cozy Party and Still Get Some Sleep

As a kid, being invited for a sleepover meant the height of friendship goals. But as a parent, sleepovers can mean the height of exhaustion!

Whether your kids are too young to spend a whole night away, or you just don’t want to be up at all hours of the night with tiny, giggly humans, a sleep-under party is a great solution.

At a sleep-under party, kids get to experience the best parts of a classic sleepover... without actually spending the night! Here’s a few ideas to include when you plan your next cozy winter party.

Dinner and a Show
Nothing makes for an easier party than pizza and a movie. Start the evening with an easy dinner, then head to the living room for a movie and popcorn! You can always up the cozy factor by laying out sleep mats for each child.

Pajamas Encouraged
A pajama party will feel more like a sleepover, as well as making for an easy transition getting kids home to bed. It’s a win for parents and kids alike.

Cuddly Story Time
Invite the kids to bring a favorite stuffy for a cuddly story time! This is a good way to calm everyone down after an exciting evening of fun.

“Bedtime” Snack
You can end the party with a healthy snack so that everyone goes home with full tummies. Other parents will probably appreciate that you’re not sending them home sugar-hyped right before bedtime! 

Say Goodnight
The best part of a sleep-under? Everyone gets picked up to sleep in their own cozy beds at the end of the night. And for a busy parent, nothing says “party” like a full night of sleep!

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