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The Super Snack Has Entered the Chat

Posted by Nesha Logan on
The Super Snack Has Entered the Chat

One snack,

two snacks,

three snacks,


Mommy, mommy, I want more!


Toddlers have earned the reputation of being notorious nibblers. These little humans have tiny tummies and lots of energy to burn, so there is no wonder that requests for “eat eat” can be heard on repeat all day long. Pediatricians recommend three healthy balanced meals with snacks in between for these growing kiddos. It sounds pretty simple until you consider the other infamous toddler reputation... picky eaters.

I'm thankful that my 22-month-old son has a pretty versatile palette. But some days he throws me for a loop and messes over meals that he previously enjoyed only to ask for a snack a little later. “Is this normal?" I asked myself. “Are other children his age shunning meals in lieu of snacks?" So I did what any first-time millennial mom would do. I went to TikTok to look for answers.

This is where I first discovered toddler charcuterie boards. I couldn't believe I didn't think of it sooner. My son is usually his pickiest at lunch or dinner time. It became apparent that his afternoon snack needed to be a good one to keep my happy kid from becoming that “hangry kid.”

The super snack and kid-friendly charcuterie board have entered the chat. A charcuterie board is any platter made up of meats and cheeses, commonly paired with crackers, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and more. And the fun part is – the child loves having this new serving situation. You can use any small wooden cutting board, or even clean a fun wood scrap from your basement?

Pair this surface with your cut up goodies and it’s a match made in toddler snack heaven. Seriously, who doesn’t love a well-curated charcuterie board? I even ordered small board from Amazon that fits right in my son’s
 Yummie lunch bag!

Some great ideas for super snacks for your toddler’s next charcuterie board are:

Lunch meats
Chopped broccoli
Chopped cauliflower
Mini bell pepper
Cut fruit
Mini sandwiches

Have fun with it! Add a variety of foods with different colors, textures, and favors. Is it a trendy or a fad – maybe? It is fun and easy and healthy – definitely! So build a charcuterie board of nutrition at home, or pack a small board and snacks in your Yummie™ lunch bag, and fuel them up to conquer their little worlds.

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