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5 Fun and Easy Sidewalk Chalk Activities to Crush Springtime Boredom

Posted by Kelly Friedl on

Springtime is a time of new life … and, as most parents know, new and endless kid energy! Early spring especially seems to be full of “stir crazy” kids who want nothing more than to get some of their wiggles out. Don’t let brisk days keep you from heading outdoors. Lots of fun and easy outdoor activities can still be enjoyed in the springtime - specifically, sidewalk chalking!

Chalk is an easy favorite for indoor and outdoor play. It cleans up easily and is fun to use for all kinds of things. This Non-Toxic Chunky sidewalk chalk is perfect for little hands. (Plus it helps cut back on those broken pieces of chalk left all over the place.) Here are a five easy suggestions for you and your littles to enjoy this season: 

1. Create the Perfect Photo Op
What kid doesn’t love the chance to feel like the main character? Draw a playful background that your kids can get excited about and snap a few spring photos while they play. They get to play in a magical scene, and you get to share some updated photos with friends and family. It’s a springtime win-win!

2. Chalk Up Your Neighborhood (With Love, of Course!)
Inspire kindness by leaving encouraging messages for your neighbors. Something as simple as “Hi Mr. Rogers, we miss you! Love, the Rodriguez Family” can be enough to make an older neighbor’s day. Or, leave an inspirational message on the sidewalk for anyone who walks by.

3. Play Escargot Hopscotch 

This variation of hopscotch named after the French word for “snail” is a fun way to get kids moving outside this spring. Start by drawing a chalk spiral with as many numbers as you’d like (the bigger the spiral, the more difficult the game). 

Kids can take turns hopping on one foot from the outside of the spiral into the center, then back out again. Once they complete their turn successfully, they can draw their initials on any square they wish. When the next child takes their turn, they will now have to jump over any square that contains another child’s initials. When they come to their own initials, they can set both feet down in that space. Take turns hopping through the “snail” until no one can make it to the center and back anymore!

4. Make an Activity “Road”
Try drawing an activity-filled “road” marked with chalk. Draw on some stop signs, make a loopy path, or create a maze for your kids to ride on! Just make sure everyone is aware of the latest tricycle traffic laws and wears their helmets for safety. 

5. Tips for Chalking with Younger Toddlers
Kids who aren’t able to write or follow game rules quite yet can still have tons of fun with sidewalk chalk. With so much space to showcase their art, let them loose to scribble away! It’s also a great opportunity to add novelty to learning activities such as matching colors, naming shapes, or making animal sounds together as you draw them. 

Ready to try some of these fun and easy springtime activities? Grab some Non-Toxic Chunky  sidewalk chalk today and get creative! 



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