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No Candy? No Problem. Make These Cute, Sugar-Free Easter Baskets Instead.

Posted by Urban Infant Team on
No Candy? No Problem. Make These Cute, Sugar-Free Easter Baskets Instead.

From chocolate eggs to marshmallow chicks, Easter is a holiday that never fails to deliver in the sugar department. If you love making holidays magical for your kids, but aren’t so keen on handing them a basket full of sugar, don’t panic! We’ve got you covered with these candyless Easter basket ideas. 

1: Teensy Toys
Plastic easter eggs make the perfect gift wrapping for all kinds of teensy toys. Fill your Easter baskets with a cute Easter stuffy nested in a pile of plastic eggs for your little one to “unwrap.” Really think small here. Tiny dolls, small plastic animals, an entire lego set separated into different eggs with the instructions hidden underneath… Make it as easy or as complicated as you want! 

2: Arts and Crafts
Easter-themed art supplies and crafts can be customized for any age child. From pencils with fun bunny erasers to paint-by-number sets, you can quickly put together an exciting basket that will make everyone happy. Stickers and temporary tattoos can easily be fit into plastic eggs to keep the fun of opening up eggs without the chocolate involved. The Urban Infant also sells non-toxic sidewalk chalk for little peeps in several palettes!

3: Theme Baskets
If you’re not so keen on bunnies and eggs, ditch them all together and put together a theme basket! Make a movie night basket with popcorn and fuzzy socks and a new stuffy to cuddle. Give an older child a “Mommy-and-me” date night basket with fun face masks and a few pastel nail polishes. Or put together a basket that can be used for a day of fun outside with insect-catching nets, water balloons, or a pail and shovel. 

4: Scavenger Hunt  
If your kids enjoy puzzles, you can really make the day magical by sending them on a scavenger hunt to find their treasure! (Okay we admit, we stole this idea from Bluey’s parents.) Leave clues in easter eggs around the house and yard that lead to the big prize at the end. One of the baskets listed above, a giant stuffy, or another special toy your child has been wanting are all great scavenger hunt prizes. 

Whether you’re working with food restrictions or you just want to mix it up this year, we want to hear about the creative and fun sugar-free Easter baskets you come up with this year! 


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