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3 Great Toddler Bento Box Options (our staff review)

Posted by Urban Infant Team on
3 Great Toddler Bento Box Options (our staff review)

Once upon a time, school lunches were lovingly packed in paper sacks. Lunchrooms were full of plain brown lunch bags being uncrinkled to dig out sandwiches, apples, and cookies if the kids were lucky. 

Then came the days of the metal lunch box. Favorite cartoon characters were displayed while squeaky hinged lids were popped open and lunches were traded around the table. Next came plastic lunch boxes (think Scooby Doo or Star Wars). New patterns and features turned what was once just a functional way to carry a meal into a means of self-expression and lunch room status. 

These days, there are more ways to pack a lunch than there are kids in a school. One of the most popular, convenient, and trendy lunch box options is the bento box. While bento boxes have been around for over a century in Japan, they have become more popular around the world in recent years. Their various compartments that keep food separate allow for a little more creativity in lunch packing than the typical sandwich. 

To help narrow down the many bento box options, we’ve reviewed three of the best options so you can easily determine which will be best for your little one. After all, the importance of lunch-room trendiness can’t be overstated! All 3 options featured fit conveniently into our Urban Infant Toddler Lunch Bag.


We love the Bentgo lunch boxes for their leak-free lids and convenient child-sized portion dividers. The optional removable ice pack keeps lunches cool while the durable, crack-resistant rubber edges are perfect for busy little ones. Different prints and accessories make it easy to put together a cute set of everything your child will need to make lunchtime enjoyable and fashionable. 
Cost: $27.99-$29.99 
Size: 8.5 in. x 6.5 in. x 2 in.

Fit + Fresh®  

Fit + Fresh provides fashionable lunch bags and on-the-go container options for adults and kids alike. Their bento box includes flexible dividers that allow for up to five different compartment configurations, which make it easy to get creative and switch up your child’s lunch options. Removable ice packs are included, but the snug snap-on lid might be trickier for tiny fingers than the latch option that other bento lunch boxes have.
Cost: $15.81 - $19.99 
Size: 9.5 in. x 6 in. x 2.25 in.


Easy Lunch Boxes offers a variety of budget-friendly, bento-style containers for the whole family. Toss one of their convenient containers into a cute printed lunch bag for your kids and you’re good to go! This option is perfect for families with multiple children, and the neutral colors make them easy to swap between family members.   
Cost: $13.95 - $24.99 (Sets of 4-10 Containers) |
Size: Varies 

We hope you and your little ones have fun exploring the world of bento boxes and how they can enhance the lunchroom experience. And if you’re really lucky, your kids might even eat the food you send with them every now and then!



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