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40 Questions to ask at preschool pickup instead of “How was your day?”

Posted by Kelly Friedl on

For those of us that seem to get stumped at getting our kids to talk about their school day, here are some fun suggestions for alternative questions. See if any of these icebreakers help instigate...

Top 5 tips for easy naps at daycare or preschool

Posted by Kelly Friedl on

I remember dropping off my two-year old daughter at the Lincoln Park Preschool on her first day, and being frozen. I walked her into the adorable school, hung up her coat in a bite-size cubbie,...

How To Guide: Preparing for Preschool and Daycare

Posted by Kelly Friedl on

A classroom can be an important place for children to learn social skills, develop their unique personalities, and acquire basic learning and concentration abilities. With so much to gain, parents can be confident that daycare...

When your toddler won't nap - tricks of the trade

Posted by Kelly Friedl on

1. Tucker them out. Kids sleep much better day or night if they have been running around, excited and engaged in fun. Make sure to get outside for a bit, get dirty or sweaty or...

4 fun, new "behavior reward” ideas – from the Urban Infant

Posted by Kelly Friedl on

Most parents, at one point in time, offer a little treat for motivation. When discussing if this is the right thing to do, there are many different philosophies on the benefits of “reward” programs for...