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Ethnic Foods for a Fun Summertime Family Day-Trip

Posted by Urban Infant Team on
Ethnic Foods for a Fun Summertime Family Day-Trip

A one-day adventure can be a perfect summertime getaway or staycation. It’s a great way to get out and try new things - without the hassle of packing overnight bags. And we, the staff at Urban Infant, would like to introduce the idea of planning a day around a food adventure! If you’re wondering how to incorporate new tastes into your toddler's taste buds, try these kid-friendly ethnic food ideas below. You might even discover a new family favorite!

It’s never too early to explore a little Sushi 101. If you want to be extra cautious about raw foods, kids can try fish-free sushi rolls, tamago (egg) nigiri, or edamame. Seaweed salad is also a delicious and fun fish-free option. 

If your kids aren’t quite up for seaweed, Japanese cuisine also provides many options for plain rice, grilled proteins, and veggies of all kinds. No need to skip the sushi for the grownups, and your little ones will be sure to find something delicious on the menu. 

Don’t be afraid to embrace the tortilla! Tacos, quesadillas, burritos… Mexican food is a great option for kid-friendly eats. Make it family style and let everyone build their own taco for extra customization. 

Have fun trying out the spice level of different salsas or keep things mild with Pico de Gallo and sour cream. Why not end your meal with churros or fried ice cream for some added sweetness?

If you live close enough, consider a day trip to the nearest Chinatown for a wonderful cultural experience with lots of yummy food. Fried rice is often a hit with kids of all ages. Ramen and other noodle soups can be ordered with a variety of ingredients to satisfy the more selective eaters. Dumplings and buns of all kinds are also a fun choice for family meals. 

With all the wonderful Chinese food options, everyone in the family will have the chance to discover new flavors, both savory and sweet. Don’t forget the fortune cookies! 

While not particularly exotic, parents should never underestimate the power of a good pizza at the end of a fun day together. Or for a summertime treat, look for Italian shaved ice or gelato on your next weekend adventure.

Italian food might also be an easy option for families with a wide range of ages (or lots of mouths to feed). From picky toddlers to ravenous teens, most people can find a delicious option that works for them.

Here’s to a delicious day trip … Good food has always been a staple of good family time. Culture, food, and fun can be found just about anywhere if you know where to look. Don’t let an unfamiliar place get you worried about what everyone will eat. So make your next day trip a delicious one - and bon appétit! 


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