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What is a nap mat?

Posted by Kelly Friedl on
What is a nap mat?

Congratulations, your child is successfully enrolled for preschool or daycare! Most likely, either your family was looking for some childcare so the mother or father could work, or perhaps your individual child simply needed some toddler socialization. In either case, the new school director has probably sent you home with a small shopping list that includes bedding or a nap mat.

Let’s start with the basics.

Most kids between the ages 1 and 5 years take a nap at childcare if they are there more than 5 hours a day. It’s hard to believe, but they really do take a mid-day rest! The school typically owns small toddler-size cots or mats to give the child a little bed or padded surface. Honestly, ask your school to see them, they are quite adorable.

This is where we come in.

Your child will need their own blanket and pillow from home, or even better – an all-in-one nap mat that includes an attached pillow and blanket! The Urban Infant was actually the pioneer of this concept and introduced one of the first nap mats on the market. And now, several years later, we have become one of the leading authorities on nap mats and our original Tot Cot® nap mat has won over 4 national awards.

What do you look for in a nap mat for child care?
Just how do you chose the best nap mat for your child, there are many new choices on the market? Featured below is a list of the top criteria recommended by the Urban Infant for selecting the best nap mat your child:

• Does the nap mat offer easy care – is it machine-wash and tumble-dry?
• Is the nap mat easy to roll up to bring to-and-from school?
• Does the pillow removable, and is it also machine washable?
• Does the company offer a 1-year warranty on the quality?
• What is the tread count of the nap mat – we recommend a minimum of 65poly/35cotton for durability and comfort.
• It the blanket made of a non-pill fleece, preventing those silly nubs after you wash it?
• Does the nap mat have a name tag for your child?
• Does your nap mat design feature corner bands to hold it in place on the cot?
• Is there any sort of small pocket to include a “lovey” for your child?
• Does the nap mat have any parent awards so I know it is tried and trusted?

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