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Urban Infant Spotlight: Our Favorite Instagram Dad

Posted by Kelly Friedl on
Urban Infant Spotlight: Our Favorite Instagram Dad

If there’s one thing the Urban Infant staff understands well, it’s parenting. And while we think we do a pretty good job creating solutions to everyday parenting dilemmas, we also want to share some of our other favorite things with you from time to time! 

After a long day with kids, sometimes you just want to crash on the couch and watch something insanely foolish and funny. Well, get comfy and start scrolling the feed one of our favorite parenting Instagram accounts....

He describes himself as a Funny-ISH dad from New Zealand. His real name is Jordan, and he is always filmed in his signature tank and shorts, or as they say in NZ, togs. His feed is full of hilarious, relatable parenting videos. From Dad hacks, sleeping trick, baby holding techniques, to clips of The Parenting Hangover podcast he co-hosts with his best dad friend … we think he’s worth a follow. 

Just start with our personal favorite post - The Supermarket 
Most recently, we’ve been obsessed with this post about different types of dads at the supermarket. (Not only was it ridiculously accurate, it also reminded us of our own recent post about the different styles of summertime moms.) 

Check out the video on the @howtodadnz instagram page to see why we’re dying over his descriptions of different dad types like “The Panic Dad” and “The Embarrassed Dad.” We also can’t help but wonder who had to help clean up after the “Clean Up On Aisle Three Dad.”

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