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Yes, It's You. 5 Ways to Embrace Being the Minivan Mom

Posted by Kelly Friedl on
Yes, It's You. 5 Ways to Embrace Being the Minivan Mom

Some parents are excited to become part of the minivan world as soon as they have their first child. Others are dragged kicking and screaming into it when their favorite sedan just won’t hold another carseat. 

Take a deep breath and embrace the van vibes. No matter what path you took into the front seat of your minivan, you're probably no stranger to the endless stream of preschool drop-offs, soccer practices, and grocery runs that dominate your daily routine. But in the chaos lies an opportunity to embrace and celebrate this unique stage of life. 

Here are five ways to embrace the minivan life and make your drives a little smoother: 

The Preschool Backpack Hack 
Your minivan isn't just a mode of transportation; it's a mobile storage unit for all things kid-related. Make good use of your child’s preschool backpack by keeping a stash of daily essentials on hand at all times. From spare snacks and juice boxes to coloring books and crayons, a properly packed backpack could hold the key to a more pleasant drive for everyone.

The Snack Stash Strategy 
Keep hunger (and hopefully tantrums) at bay by keeping your minivan stocked with a few strategic snacks. Your snack strategy should include options that won’t go bad and can be easily vacuumed out of seat crevices, so try to avoid melty or sticky snacks. Don’t forget to pack yourself a snack as well! 

The Toddler Hat Trick 
As the designated chauffeur, it's important to keep your tiny passengers comfortable and cozy during those long car rides. The toddler hat is a versatile accessory that shields your little one from the sun's rays while adding a touch of style to their daily fit. Keep an extra hat stashed away in your minivan's glove compartment for unexpected sunny adventures. 

The Emergency Kit Essentials
Prepare for any roadside mishaps or unexpected emergencies by creating an emergency kit for your minivan. Include essentials such as first aid supplies, a flashlight, jumper cables, and a warm blanket. Don't forget to personalize your emergency kit with items specific to your family's needs, like extra diapers and wipes or a favorite comfort item. 

Everyone Needs a Tiny Small Pillow 

Let's face it – naptime waits for no one, especially when you're busy driving from one activity to the next. A small pillow can transform your minivan's backseat into a cozy spot for midday snoozes. Whether it's a quick five minutes between errands or a much-needed nap on the way home from daycare, having a soft pillow on hand will help your littlest passengers rest a little easier.

Buckle Up and Enjoy the Ride
In the end, minivan life will just be one stage of mom life among many. Eventually, those tiny feet kicking the back of your seat will be pressing the pedals in their own cars (unless we’re all riding in robot cars by then.) 

In the meantime, buckle up, enjoy the ride, and take a moment to remember that no matter where you’re headed… You’re giving your kids a five-star ride. 



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