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5 Easy Plants to Grow with Kids This Summer

Posted by Bethany Robin, Staff Writer for Urban Infant on
5 Easy Plants to Grow with Kids This Summer

Gardening is not only a great way to get your little ones outside this summer, it has also been shown to have many benefits for kids and their parents. Plus, it might be easier than you think! 

You don’t need to be a master gardener to plant a few things in the yard and watch them grow. You can even try your hand at urban container gardening on a deck or patio if you don’t have space for a traditional garden. Community gardens are another good option for families that are particularly interested in gardening. Sometimes giving your child their own gardening gloves or apron also encourages their “green thumb.”

Not sure where to start? The best plants for tiny gardeners are things that are easy to plant and quick to grow. Here are some of our favorite choices for kid-friendly growing this summer. 

1. Cherry Tomatoes
If you’re looking to encourage your little ones to eat more veggies, cherry tomatoes are a great choice! They can be planted in gardens, raised beds, or even pots in a sunny window. They are also quick to grow and usually on the sweet side, which makes them perfect for curious toddlers looking to expand their palettes. 

2. Strawberries 
Fresh strawberries picked from the garden make the perfect summertime treat. If you’re starting with seeds, you’ll have to grow them indoors for a few months before planting them in a sunny garden spot. To make sure you get fruit in the first year, you can purchase small plants from a nursery or garden center. The leaves and flowers are both beautiful and can be grown in certain types of containers as well. 

3. Watermelon
While watermelons take a long time to grow, they’re well worth the wait! If you have a large, sunny spot in the garden, plant a few watermelon seeds and settle in. If your little ones are having a hard time waiting, try measuring the growth together each week to remind them that they won’t have to wait forever. Before too long, you’ll be cutting into this classic summer fruit.   

4. Sunflowers 
Growing sunflowers is simple and can be very rewarding. Choose your variety based on the height, color, and if you’d like to harvest any edible sunflower seeds. Keep the seeds moist for a couple of weeks after planting, and then enjoy watching them grow. Sunflowers usually last late into summer and into the early fall. 

5. Carrots 
Bugs Bunny’s favorite treat can be grown in gardens and containers alike. As long as you have space for the roots to grow and loose, sandy soil, you should be able to grow carrots with relative ease. To make it extra fun for kids, try planting different colors of carrots, like purple and yellow. 

Whether you have lots of yard space or one sunny window and a planter, you can invite your little ones to experience the excitement of gardening with you this summer. Experienced gardeners and newcomers alike can enjoy the process of planting, watering, and harvesting these easy plants with their kids.

- From Bethany Robins, our staff writer and mom of three

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