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Pillow Talk: When is Your Toddler Ready?

Posted by Anne Del Valle on
Pillow Talk: When is Your Toddler Ready?

To pillow, or not to pillow: that is the question.

Whether you are considering introducing a pillow to your toddler or your toddler is now magically asking for one, I recommend considering their sleep environment and age before making that decision. My general rule of thumb is…no bed, no pillow! (Aka, pillows are not recommended while still in crib). I also encourage parents to wait until age three before making the big crib to bed transition. As for pillows, generally once a toddler is in a bed you can introduce, even if this means that your toddler has transitioned to a big boy or big girl bed before the age of three. Then, once you do, I highly recommend purchasing a toddler size pillow vs. standard adult size for safety and toddler neck comfortability.

This is where the Urban Infant comes into the conversation. Their Pipsqueak® Pillow is the absolute best toddler pillow out there. It has been three months now since I introduced my son to his pillow and let me tell you, he LOVES it!

They were just ranked as one of the best toddler pillows by Ode Magazine!

1. Let’s start with, it’s washable! As a mom, this is a must. I want to know that my son’s sleep space is sanitary, and I also cannot have a pillow fall apart or turn to lumps once it goes into the washing machine. The reality is that our little one’s drool and sweat during sleep, which means washing is frequently needed. I mean, we’re already doing laundry all the time, what’s one more item.

2. It is 100% cotton. This is important because cotton is a natural fiber, this means it is breathable! When it comes to sleep safety, especially where our little ones lay their heads, breathability creates mom peace of mind.

3. It’s all in the design. If you’ve been searching for a toddler pillow, you will find pillows shaped like standard pillows, but just smaller. What separates the Pipsqueak is its gusset design. What does this mean? No big center lump and it offers a neck height conformity no matter where your toddler lays his or her head. This was hugely important for me because I wanted to ensure that my son’s face would not be obstructed when sleeping.

4. The perfect size. At 13” x 17”, it is the ideal shape and size for your toddler. Not too big, not to small and will fit most toddler size pillowcases.

As we know, toddler’s tend to love items of comfort when it comes to sleep, whether it be there favorite snuggle buddy or blanket. Therefore the Pipsqueak® Pillow is a must have addition to your toddler’s-bed; you will not be disappointed.

Anne Del Valle

WeeSleep Consultant and Specialist

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