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4 Quick No-Bake Holiday Cookies to Make With Kids!

Posted by Urban Infant Team on

Making Memories Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful  Baking and decorating sugar cookies might be a classic holiday tradition, but it’s also time-consuming and messy. For many working moms and busy families, setting aside an entire...

Urban Infant Spotlight: 10 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas Our Staff Loves

Posted by Urban Infant Team on

Here at Urban Infant we know firsthand how much work Christmas shopping can be. From making the lists to tracking down the best deals, the lead-up to Christmas can be a hectic time. This year,...

Is Popcorn a Safe Snack For Toddlers? Preparing for Winter Movie Nights.

Posted by Urban Infant Team on

Cold weather is on the way, which means curling up on the couch more often for holiday movie nights with the family. Warm jammies, snuggles, and of course tasty snacks all help make the perfect...

One. Two. (There is No Three). What’s Up With the Minimalist Parenting Trend? Can Less Really Be More?

Posted by Urban Infant Team on

Minimalism seems like it has been living its best life ever since Marie Kondo arrived on the scene with her advice to keep only what sparks joy and ditch the rest. We all probably know...

Hey Mom, What’s That In Your Car? Top 5 Items Moms Like to Keep Handy.

Posted by Kelly Friedl on

Ever wondered if all the other moms have as much stuff packed into their cars (or more likely, their vans) as you do? Chances are you aren’t alone in feeling like you could run a...