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How to Host the Ultimate Sleep-Under for Toddlers

Posted by Hailey from HD Studios on

Your child will inevitably start wondering about a sleepover experience. Most likely, if under 5 years old, they aren’t quite ready for this event. Sometimes, perhaps you’re not quite ready for it. A sleep-under is...

The Super Snack Has Entered the Chat

Posted by Nesha Logan on

One snack, two snacks, three snacks, four. Mommy, mommy, I want more!   Toddlers have earned the reputation of being notorious nibblers. These little humans have tiny tummies and lots of energy to burn, so...

Tips to make daycare drop off easier - for parent and child

Posted by Kelly Friedl on

Is your baby or toddler headed to daycare this season? If so, you might be feeling a little apprehensive about how your child will handle the move away from the comforts of home — and...

Pillow Talk: When is Your Toddler Ready?

Posted by Anne Del Valle on

To pillow, or not to pillow: that is the question. Whether you are considering introducing a pillow to your toddler or your toddler is now magically asking for one, I recommend considering their sleep environment...

4 changes you should know about Preschool in our post-COVID world.

Posted by Kelly Friedl on

As parents slowly maneuver into the new chapter, I am sure I can speak for most in stating that my child’s "new normal" is of top concern for our family. The classic terrible twos phase...